Trois hommes et un couffin theatre esort bari

trois hommes et un couffin theatre esort bari

last more than a while, and everything is fine again. But, would a person really just walk around quietly if the appartment looked the way it did? Did anyone else notice this?" Brian 11/18/2004.22:50:04 "I think the most noticable thing about the decor was that their apartment reflected their jobs in the american version and I think that was kind of nice - as someone mentioned. In the american version, he didn't go much farther than to say "I miss her, I have this funny feeling right here." In the french version, however, Jacques gets muuuch more drunk, wandering around in public. trois hommes et un couffin theatre esort bari

Trois hommes et un couffin theatre esort bari - Trois Hommes

See All (9) genres: Comedy, certificate: PG-13, see all certifications parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents edit, details. It just seemed a bit weird to me that he didn't shout, run to the bedrooms to check that everyone. Is this to make the police look better to Americans? Whereas in the French version, you can't really tell what the 3 mens relationship is, or what bonds them." Alejandro 11/22/2004.22:14:28 "Yeah, I did notice that in the french version the appartment is very standard, the three men didn't care much about customizing. Les vêtements de l'enfant ne sont pas vieillots, seuls, ceux des adultes sont un peu ringards. La soirée - The party  and La découverte du bébé - The discovery of the baby.

Three Men and: Trois hommes et un couffin theatre esort bari

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Incontri a cosenza incontriprato I much preferred the French version for it's lack of needless action scenes, but I do love the song "Goodnight Sweetheart"." marie 11/16/2004.09:29:04 "Je préfère aussi la version française car l'humour est peut etre un peu plus. I think the biggest difference, as in most of the movie, was that the Americans were always reasonably cool, they had control over the situation and tried to be funny as much as possible, while the French argued loudly and seemed nervous about the situation. Yet we noted in their own way, the men in the American version were more open about their affection for the baby, whereas for in the French version, it seemed as though the men were slightly more secretive about their affection for Mary.". The "bad guys" didn't really even come close to being a real threat." Brian 11/18/2004.22:44:04 "I liked certain things about both of the films.
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Belle donne werevertumorro donna nubile nicaragua As we saw in class, it was interesting that in the american version the whole discussion was very well structured and it flowed logically and cronologically, while in the french version the characters said what they felt in that. Afterwards, they calmed down and explained the situation rationally.
And although i didn't understand everything then, I felt that it was appropriate for a wider range of audience than the french movie. I think they may hbe seen it as, if Michel didn't screw up and toss away the package in the first place it never would have happened. What do u guys think?" general differences - différences générales l'histoire/ the story, evans 11/15/2004.23:53:56 "Are you kidding me?!? Good call megan." Tufool 11/19/2004.02:17:03 "Although I felt that the art was flashy in the american version, and i probably still don't get how the appartment is set (its sort of like a maze right?) I agree with Brian. I don't think. Now that I think of it, maybe it's just that, in the US, pilots don't have a reputation of being sexually promiscuous or involved in drug deals (or do they? We also noticed that in the French version of the movie, Pierre and Michel think of calling Jacque's mom, while in the American version that choice never comes. I thought the French version did a better job with convincing me that these guys' lives really had changed fundamentally, and that they really did feel a strong absence when Marie left. (2017) See more » Soundtracks Wadin' Performed by Horace Parlan Quintet Written by Horace Parlan (uncredited) See more » Getting Started Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page Stream Action and Adventure Titles With Prime Video Explore popular action. They are very action-based. Whenever I start to notice a person is getting uncomfortable or a fight is about to break out, I try to make a joke. It sort of leaves the viewer to decided what kind of ending happens next. Etes-vous d'accords avec ce point de vu?" Frances 11/17/2004.02:55:33 "I agree with your comment. Do you introduce yourselves to them, or do you just sit there and wait for an introduction from the party host?) As to which movie I like better, I'm undecided. Maybe even more than I enjoyed it this time. I am interested in the way the baby was treated in each of the films. I mean, the fact that they had to check up on Jack and Mary once in a while, and actually left the opera/play to go see what was wrong proved that they were really worried about Mary and would have preferred to help. Alors la difference que j'ai remarqué est genre de l'histoire, le film américan est plus une comédie avec plein d'action où les personnages sont assez "personnages tant que dans le film français l'action est liée aux relations entre les personnages peut-être. Tufool 11/21/2004.21:10:28 "The two mothers are very very different. Women play just as active a role in society as men." Andres 11/19/2004.03:45:46 "At the beginning of the story, the American Jack seemed to me much less obnoxious than the French Jacques. I don't think that French people don't like babies - I think most people find it hard to be mean towards an infant. Like somebody else said in another forum, they may have yelled at each other more, but I feel like it was all in relation to Marie and being stressed about her." Tufool 11/21/2004.20:54:14 "In the French version, I felt that. Just because I am a woman!" Peter's girlfriend was shocked that he would ask her to take care of Mary.

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